Our promise – Natural Languages is committed to delivering precise and seamless communication to the stakeholders that need it the most.

Humanity, Language and Culture are intertwined. From our first ‘hello,’ our team at Natural Languages takes the time to understand your communication needs. We empower you with the knowledge you need to make the best decisions moving forward. You will receive a custom solution personalized to your exact needs and legal requirements, where applicable.

We are available throughout the US & Overseas. Our interpreter, transcription and document translating services are available for, health care (primary focus – cancer treatment facilities), educational, government agency, corporate, event, broadcast and one-on-one communications projects. Interpreter services are available over-the-phone, video remote, and on-site.

As partners, our personalized, seamless process helps you to get the services you need quickly and with ease.

Native Speakers

120 + Languages

Native Speakers for Natural Communications

Founded by a Coda (child of a deaf adults), Natural Languages has a passion for and a profound understanding of the importance of effective communication. We enable you to transmit your messages in a way that is both accurate and relatable. Whether through sign language, spoken interpreters or speech-to-text transcription, our certified native speakers leverage the power of human gesture, inflection and nuance to engage your audiences wholly, whether in-person or remotely. For document translation, our native speakers have the cultural understanding that ensures exact translation accuracy.

Our Interpreters, Translators, & Transcribers

Interpreters, translators and transcribers selected by Natural Languages undergo a rigorous in-house vetting process. Vetting ensures Natural Languages’ talent possess the particular skills, certifications and qualities we require and our clients expect.

Interpreter Affiliations

  • American Translation Association
  • Coda International
  • Educational Interpreters Performance Assessment (EIPA)
  • Federal Level Interpreters (NAICS Code 541930)
  • International Medical Interpreters Association
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness
  • National Association of Judicial Interpreters
  • National Council on Interpreting Health Care
  • National Court Reporters Association
  • Registry for Interpreters of the Deaf

Our Interpreter Management Platform

To help you effectively manage your interpretation projects, Natural Languages provides you with secure access to our Interpreter Management Platform (IMP). Our IMP tracks all pending services, allowing you to generate reports and create budgets. It also helps you avoid double booking and provides you with a centralized location for selecting over-the-phone, video or on-site interpreter services. You’ll have the ease and convenience of managing all your communications services needs in one simple tool – and we’ll walk you through how to use it, offering you live support whenever you should need it.

Learn More About Our IMP