Natural Languages empowers you to facilitate inclusive communications in your organization with our easy-to-use Interpreter Management Platform (IMP).

Simply Manage the Entire Interpreter Services Process

From scheduling to payment to re-booking your favorite interpreter, our Interpreter Management Platform allows you to quickly connect with highly qualified and certified interpreters in over 60 languages. Plus, by leveraging the convenient scheduling tools, you’ll never have to worry about double bookings saving you thousands of dollars!


  • Quickly schedule phone, video and in-person interpreter services
  • Scheduled and/or demand OPI
  • Easily view appointment dates for all scheduled interpreter services


  • Grant access to authorized personnel
  • Receive automated alerts on interpreter services status
  • Integrate with Quickbooks
  • Access your account on mobile


  • Receive automated reports on interpreter services used
  • Create Budgets
  • View service costs and manage open/closed balances