TranscriptionNatural Languages offers speech-to-text transcription services for a wide variety of needs. Whether you are looking to be inclusive of the Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing, non-native speakers, or those who lost their hearing later in life, or to meet compliance regulations. Natural Languages serves as an expert in determining your needs based on the specifications of your project with the right specialist to fulfill your specific transcription requirements.

From broadcast media and video to live events, Natural Languages offers transcription specialists for a wide variety of needs:

  • Captioning (YouTube/webinars/webseries/webcasts for transcription accessibility compliance)
  • CART & C-Print
  • Stenographers
  • Court Reporters
  • Depositions

Please visit our service pages below for more detailed information.

  • Available in 120 + Languages
  • Nuanced Transcription checked by Native Speakers